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Hee-Jung Wang

Chairperson of
the Board of Directors

Yoon, Dong-Sup

For the past 70 years, Korean Surgical Society has worked in various ways to promote development of surgery and to protect the rights of our members. The new board of members will do our best to further improve the status of our society, which was able to reach its high status due to the efforts of our 8,000 members, including our advisory committee.

Though it concerns us to think about the continuously deteriorating medical environment, we believe we will be able to bring a brighter future if we can put together our confidence and love for surgery and work together in one consistent direction.

The society board will put together our wisdom to solve the below issues at hand and prepare for a future where we can lead the world.

First we will complete the agendas we have been pushing forward such as: expansion and improvement of hospitalists; securement of excellent residents who will build our future even under Act for the Improvement of Training Conditions and Status of Medical Residents; development of a competence-focused education program for acquiring the necessary surgical knowledge and skills within the 3 years of training; and promotion of policies for safe treatment of critical patients, trauma, and emergency, committing to surgery’s true duty.

Second we will put in our utmost efforts to become a world-leading society in the high-tech area, by establishing standardization of research, education and treatment and bringing innovative measures, for the advancement of surgery, our society’s important mission. Also we will make our society a space for collecting opinions, for pushing forward with the society’s policies with consistency. Specially for the area of insurance policies, we will organize a “Research Committee for Insurance Policies in Surgery” with people who have responsibility and expertise, so that our efforts can be assessed and be compensated properly.

Third we will gather the opinions of those in charge of education at the front line, by activating meetings among department chiefs at training institutions and among executive members of subdivisions in our society. We will also work hard to promote communication among members to become a happy and enjoyable surgical society for our 7,000+ surgeons.

We thank all our members again for your contribution to the development of our society, and we promise to do our best.

Thank you.

November 2019
The Korean Surgical Society
President, Hee-Jung Wang
Chair of the Board of Directors, Yoon, Dong-Sup